zuppa di pesce! your new go to dish to impress friends and influence people!

So here it is your guide to cooking super delicious dishes to cook at home for your family and friends .If you have any trouble cooking with a recipe my best advice to you is to read the recipe twice, write down exactly what you need and most importantly set side the time you need to make it. I cant stress that last point enough make sure you have the time cooking is a cruel mistress if you get halfway and think ill do the rest later. So zuppa di pesce i first decided to make this dish during my time at the Italian diner in bangalow. There are many different versions of this soup (although its more like a stew) throughout Italy. In Tuscany its cacciucco , on the adriatic coast its called brodetto or little broth . Whatever you want to call it its delicious! OK so here is the recipe all my recipes are for four people

Zuppa Di Pesce

4 people

1 small brown onion diced finely

1 large fennel diced finely (fennel herb picked and reserved)

2 cloves garlic crushed

1/2 cup white wine

2 cups fish stock or water

2 tins best quality tinned tomatoes blended

400- 500 g firm white fleshed fish cut into large dice about 3 piece per person

1kg shellfish of your choice vongole , pippies or mussels

1 kg spanner crab cleaned and picked (250 g meat roughly)

500 g green prawns peeled and devained

4 slices sourdough or favourite bread to grill

2 lemons cut into cheeks

olive oil


Start by having all your ingredients prepared and ready . start by sauteing your onion, garlic and fennel in olive oil till soft but not coloured. Season with a bit of salt and add white wine and reduce by half.Add fish stock and reduce by half. Add puree check seasoning and simmer for 20 minutes. Add seafood in this order fish, shellfish and finally prawns and simmer for 5 - 10 minutes. While this is simmering drizzle bread with olive oil and salt and grill. you can either put the bread in your bowl to pour broth over or serve on the side your choice! check seasoning in the broth then distribute seafood evenly between bowls. pour broth over seafood carefully so it doesn't spill , then i like to finish mine with the cold crab meat on top but if you prefer you can add it before you pour the hot broth over. garnish with fennel herb and a drizzle of olive oil . serve with lemon and a crisp white ! voila enjoy ! please message me if you have any further questions !

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