roasted sweet potato with hot sauce and honey butter, spiced nuts and miso crème fraiche.

Sweet potatoes I think you either love em or hate em! and after you've tried these ones I guarantee you'll be a fan. The beauty about this recipe is you can literally add anything you like to it herb wise its very forgiving! its actually also really nice with some rocket as a nice warm salad

Roasted Sweet potato with hot sauce and honey butter, spiced nuts and miso crème fraiche

1kg sweet potato (I like to use a few different varieties or shapes) cut into wedges

125 g butter softened

1 tbsp. honey

1 tsp hot sauce (I add twice this much but I love hot sauce!)

300g crème fraiche (or sour cream!)

1 tsp miso paste

1 tsp honey

Olive oil


To finish

Spiced nuts (I use the Byron bay brand pimp my salad super seeds, but any spiced nuts or seeds will do)

Herb of your choice I like dill! Mint, coriander and shiso all also work!

Put your oven on 190 degrees and place sweet potato in a roasting dish rub a bit of olive oil over sweet potato and season with salt. Place in your oven and move onto your butter. Mix the butter hot sauce and honey together until thoroughly combined. Next mix your crème fraiche, miso and extra teaspoon of honey together taste and adjust if necessary to your now your sweet potatoes should be half cooked add your hot sauce butter to them and continue to bake continuingly basting .when they are crispy and golden remove from the oven and check for seasoning. Place on your plate, spoon little drops of crème fraiche sporadically around the sweet potato. Sprinkle with spiced nuts and herb of choice. I like to have extra hot sauce on the side! This is delicious as a warm salad simply add a few leaves of your choice I like rocket, watercress or upland cress. Enjoy!

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