Polpette!yours and your grommets new favourite meatball! I've made this a few times with different stuffings but i prefer the smoked scarmorza ie smoked mozzarella. you can serve these with whatever you like rice, mash,pasta but i prefer the creamy parmesan polenta.

so here it is !


500g pork and veal mince (aldi and woolworths stock it)

1 small tub bocconcini balls

1 tin very very good whole peeled tomatoes not cheap ones!!

2 cloves organic garlic or 4 normal crushed

1/2 cup breadcrumbs

1 lemon zested

1 egg

thyme can also use parsley , basil, marjoram whatever you fancy


olive oil

to finish

more herbs of your choice

lemon zest


start by sauteing half the garlic in a wide based pan with some olive oil till fragrant. add tinned tomato and half a tin of water. season with good salt , mash them up with a potato masher and simmer for 20 mins.meanwhile mix mince,garlic, lemon zest,herb of your choice, egg and breadcrumbs and season with salt mix together very well.grab a small bit of mince and a mozza ball and gently shape the mince around the mozzarella repeat till mince and balls are all done.gently place your balls into your sauce and gently cook for about ten minutes.serve them up ! i serve mine with polenta but you could use pasta or rice whatever you like really. hope you like them!

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