Pesto definitely a favourite of grommets around the world ! if you've never made your own pesto before now is your opportunity too with lots of time on everyone's hands!i like to hand pound mine as its way more flavoursome but have blended it if i'm pushed for time. The important part here is your basil you need to try find the biggest bunch you can. You want at least two big handfuls of picked basil here .As always try buy the best quality you can. Aldi has great reggiano parmesan olive oil and pine nuts very reasonably priced. Whether you pound yours like me or blend it i promise you will never buy pesto again!! try to find your own balance with pesto you may want to add more nuts , garlic oil ? just persevere and use this as a guide , good luck.


1 LARGE bunch basil or two 2 average size ones picked

1 large clove garlic

100 g pine nuts


olive oil


if you are blending add garlic, pine nuts and pinch salt to blender with 1/2 cup olive oil and blend.add basil and blend till right consistency for you (i blend mine a little loose with olive oil as i add lots of parmesan to mine) finish with parmesan and more oil if needed.

if pounding add garlic and pine nuts to mortar and pestle with pinch of salt and pound till smooth.gradually add basil in small handfuls add a small drop of olive oil along the way to help.once all basil is pounded and pesto is smooth add more olive oil and parmesan to taste

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