moules frites

so moules frites! i had originally planned to post a fresh pasta recipe but i feel i should teach you a pasta masterclass first! but for now moules frites! This dish is right up there as one of my favourite dishes to eat.Although it carries a classically french name the dish is actually from Belgium.It is thought it was originally created combining mussels a popular and cheap ingredient and fried potatoes in the winter when no fish or other food was available. There is some amazing mussels available in Australia from any good fishmonger and most of them come already cleaned. i would perhaps suggest still giving them a once over and remove any stubborn beards and grit. so now the recipe! i had planned on making my own shoestring fries, and you should try too! they are really simple if you have a fryer, but i took the easy route and bought some frozen ones! this recipe would be for two people as my kids brushed them so double the quantities for four

Moules Frites

1 kg of mussels

2 cloves of garlic crushed

1/2 brown onion sliced finely

splash good white wine

500 ml cream

handful parsley chopped


olive oil

lemon optional

Get all of your ingredients ready and out on your bench because this recipe is a fast one !give your mussels a once over removing any grit and overly large beards from the mussel by gripping them with your fingers and pulling them out. Start by putting a large pan on your stove with a decent splash of olive oil.Add your garlic and saute till fragrant.Add mussels, season with a pinch of salt then add wine and onion.If you have a deep fryer now is the time i would add the fries. Your mussels should now be opening add your cream and check seasoning . simmer for a couple of minutes add your parsley and serve into large bowls. remove fries from fryer season with salt and serve with a beautiful crisp white ! I like a Riesling but a nice chardonnay would be nice too. you can give the mussels a squeeze of lemon before serving .. I don't but you might want too! good luck ! and remember always read your recipe thoroughly before starting and have all your ingredients prepped and good to go.

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